“This is a story about love to the tips of the fingers”

The idea of wedding and evening dresses didn’t appear by chance. I was creating outfits for my own wedding and it turned out they took hearts of the girls around the world too, so it helped to determine the vector for my future life.


These incredible emotions I get every time I create wedding looks for you and your most important celebrations in life is a truly unique feeling of happiness. Thank you for that!

— Viktoria Labay

Female beauty, emotions from sincere admiring glances in the mirror, curves of the body, adjacent silhouettes - this all  is the philosophy of our brand. The aesthetics of natural fabrics, such as silk satin, duchesse, taffeta, form-holding dense materials, can be traced in all products of the atelier.

We have been working with complex structures since 2015. Founder and designer Labay Viktoria creates looks for clients around the world.
LABAY VIKTORIA products are sure to attract attention and make every woman feel truly luxurious, elegant and self-confident. 

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